Dealing with Chronic Illnesses

The purpose of hypnotherapy for individuals suffering from chronic illnesses is to help clients reduce the psychological impact of diseases and bring balance and harmony into their lives to manage their condition.

Research on long-term survivors of HIV has demonstrated that the stronger the sense of self is, the more balanced the immune system becomes. The sense of self comes from Purposefulness (Purpose), Empowerment (Power), and Connectedness (People) – which is the principle of Survivability (Timothy Truhillo, CHt. 2020).

The 7-fold path to building resiliency in dealing with illnesses consists of the following:

  1. Develop corporeal consciousness – which is, to bridge the communication between the mind and the body through a variety of exercises.
  2. Instruction in self-hypnosis - a powerful tool that one can exercise life-long.
  3. Management of stress, sleep, pain, and symptoms.
  4. Teaching the use of imagery and metaphor which helps develop imaginative and powerful responses in the body.
  5. Trauma recovery
  6. Death and grieving
  7. Lifestyle and treatment adherence.

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