Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Permanent, healthy weight loss involves changing what is going on inside of us – mentally, emotionally, and physically. Weight Loss is a complex issue that cannot be achieved through dieting. Losing weight successfully and keeping it off, is done by restoring your sensitivity to the intelligence of your body.

This weight loss programs is concise and doable and can yield positive results, if followed sincerely. This program is basically organized into three phases:

Phase one: Ease into healthier eating patterns and increased physical activity.

Phase Two: The weight loss phase. Increased emphasis on eating healthy and confronting sabotaging behaviors including ramping up physical activity.

Phase three: Maintenance phase. Continue to tweak the skills you’ve learned to fit into your new lifestyle and live a balanced, healthy, and joyous life with both your mind and body feeling good.

In hypnosis and the cognitive therapy part, the focus is to uncover the emotional causes for being overweight; create and reinforce a new self-image by removing the blocks. This knowledge, along with hypnotherapy helps clients clear away blocks and make positive changes in their lives and increase the success rate.

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